What is Whole Body Vibration?

Workouts boost body image. Sixty percent of adults in the U.S. have a negative body image. University of Florida found a clear connection between exercise and positive body image.

Achieving fitness goals is the key to better health. Sixty Five percent of U.S. adults do not engage in regular physical activity. It has been found that mental energy may deplete your willpower, making it more likely that you'll choose the TV over the treadmill or going to the gym.

To make exercising less dependent on willpower, make an appointment. Then, commit yourself to work out for just 10 minutes. Do you have the willpower to just do that? It does take discipline and with convenience you can overcome willpower.

One thing that People can control is their health. Get health screenings. Your current health status can help you map a plan to avoid a future health crisis.

Lack of exercise can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and too many pounds on our bodies make it harder to enjoy exercising.

Five million people a year experience some form of heart failure. Choose exercises that produce resistance. If you will challenge your bones, it will help to make them stronger. Body must be in motion to function effectively.

The lymphatic system has four times the volume of the blood system, but has no pump. The lymphatic fluid can only move when the body is in motion. If the body is not in motion, the toxins can not be removed from the 60 trillion cells. If the toxins can not be removed, it generally turns into fat cells that are toxicant.

The body adapts to the demands of exercise quickly, so doing the same routine for the same time reduces the maximum benefit potential. You need to continually challenge your body. If time is fixed, you vary the intensity. This you can do on the VT-15 machine. It can be equated to now popular interval training.

You can keep age-related ailments such as osteoporosis, arthritis, dementia, and diabetes from casting a shadow over your golden years. While these ailments are often viewed as a necessary evil of growing older, there are ways to alleviate them or possibly prevented with some simple steps or a T-Zone WBV machine.

Over weight people have a higher risk of developing osteoarthritis in their knees and hips. Exercising on WBV machine can strengthen muscles and support joints if you already have arthritis, WBV machine can ease the pain and stiffness by rejuvenating the gland to function properly which will reduce the inflammation.

Increasing blood flow to the brain will increase concentration by as much as 20 percent in a singe day. Studies show that physical exercise promotes brain cell growth in areas of the brain associated with memory and learning. WBV machine can do this.

Diabetes can be prevented or significantly delayed through healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Don't have the time or energy to commit to regular workouts? Do you have 10 minutes to exercise effortlessly? It would be worth it and can even be fun!

Most people don't exercise due to the time it takes to travel to the gym and back, to shower, redress or have the discipline to workout at home on a regular basis.

What would a machine be worth that could give you a whole body workout in 10 minutes? What if you could even do it in the comfort of your home; dressed anyway you would like, even in your dressed up clothes?

What if you could get the whole body workout in 10 minutes a day without putting forth much physical effort and by just standing on a platform?

There are some WBV machine platforms that just vibrate. These make you feel good but do not give the body the motion that it naturally likes and needs.

The WBV machine pictured has a platform that can raise the whole body in a walking motion, has the ability to vary the intensity of the workout from settings of 1 to 70 and has 8 preset programs. Also, by standing on one side you can get a pure vertical motion that is even more intense. This motion is what kept the Russian Cosmonauts in outer space for 438 days.

The WBV Technology is like being on a Rebounder (mini trampoline). On a Rebounder one needs balance and strength. On the WBV machine; one can be at any physical level and get the benefits faster and with a lot less effort. The machine does all the work and the body gets all the benefits.

Benefits that one can achieve from T-Zone WBV machine:

In the past WBV Technology was associated with the Russian's Cosmonauts and NASA's Astronauts. Not long ago the WBV machines available cost $10,000 to $20,000. Due to these prices not many people knew much about whole body vibration or the technology that is over 100 years old. The technology was guarded by the Russians until the wall fell in 1989. Some therapists and fitness centers had the knowledge but they guarded it too.

The prices of a quality Whole Body Vibration Machine is affordable now, between $1,400 and $8,500. The one chosen has a 2 horse DC motor with a large steel platform, has a lift of 10 mm and has plenty of stability with steel bars. It has 70 settings, 8 preset programs, and an electronic clock that counts down the 10 minutes.
It is all steel, is commercial grade, very quiet running, and is built to last. It has a 5 year warranty on the motor. It will last you the rest of your life. The same quality in other machines would cost twice the price.

See how you can acquire the T-Zone WBV Machine VT-15 for only $1,869. The machine can be dropped shipped anywhere in the Continental United States by Federal Express for a flat rate of $50. Also, the VT-15 machine can be purchased with a down payment of $300 and have payments on the balance extended up to 24 months without any interest.

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